Sand is a fine grain of sand – usually made up of particles that are no larger than 2mm – that is commonly used in various construction projects, including bricklaying, rendering and mortar or masonry work.

Perhaps its most common use in the garden is when it is combined with cement to make a level base when you’re laying patios, paving slabs, block paving and the like. If you don’t use such a mixture beneath your paving flags, it’s likely that over time they will sink into the soil.

Our Sand products include:

  • Washed Limestone Grit Sand
  • Builders Sand
  • Kiln Dried Sand

Here at Clegg Landscape Supplies Ltd, we have large bags of builders sand and gravel that can be delivered directly to your site. If you would like further advice or information on the best uses for builders sand, our team is always ready to answer any questions you might have, so why not give us a call today? We’re based in Lancashire, and our yard is easily accessible from Bury, Rossendale and Blackburn.